Dr. Chris Kim

Digital Media Instructor, Web Developer, and Research Engineer

As a user focused software engineer, Chris Kim is in pursuit of using technology to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations and address today’s talent gap in digital media. Trained in media production and information visualization, Chris works with institutional stakeholders, including University of Toronto, DARPA, and MIT, to build platforms that democratize AI and promote human-in-the-loop automation. Chris also operates a software studio Fresco Industries (https://frescoindustries.com), where he works with emerging talents in promoting underserved communities and facilitating youth entrepreneurship.

5:00 - 6:00 PM

Wednesday Day One 27th Oct


'Leading Beyond a Crisis to Future Proofing Learning'


           Robert Martellacci  – President, MindShare Learning Technology

The Panel Includes:

  • Tom D'Amico –  Director of Education, Ottawa Catholic School Board
  • Karen Yamada –  Chief Learning Officer & CFO, C21 Canada
  • Dr. Ron Owston – Professor Emeritus, York University
  • Katina Papulkas – Senior Education Strategist, Dell Technologies
  • Dr. Chris Kim – Digital Media Instructor, Web Developer, & Research Engineer
  • Dr. Mario Chiasson – Director of Research, Innovations and Change Management at District scolaire francophone Sud
  • Dr. Adam Dubé – Associate Professor, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, Director, Learning Sciences & Health Professions Education, McGill University.