Stephen Whiffin

Assistant Superintendent and CIO at School District #43

Stephen has been highly involved in technology in SD43 for 15 years including as a teacher at both the elementary and secondary levels.  He has been a school administrator for 7 years and in January 2013 became District Manager of Information Services.  As a computer nerd who has a degree in Information Systems and taught secondary level Information Technology, Stephen is keen to again be involved in the more technical issues impacting our schools. As an educator, he remains focused on the use of technology as a tool for transforming the educational experience for students.

Along with his degree in education, Stephen has a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction: Education and Technology.

Stephen has led numerous projects involving the classroom integration of technology, blended instruction and inquiry-based learning.  He is very excited to be working with educators on initiatives all over the district this year and wants to hear about your projects!