Julia Dexter

Founder & CEO, Shoelace Learning. Building hyper-gamified learning through video games. Board Member. Olympic Kayaker. Top 50 Women in STEM. Pronouns: She, Her, Hers Shoelace Learning

Julia Dexter, the founder of Shoelace Learning, is a woman who has defied great odds to become a successful entrepreneur and athlete. Her journey began when she was labeled “dumb” in fourth grade due to a speech impediment and reading struggles. Despite this, she found confidence in sports and eventually became a national-level kayaker and Olympic athlete.

After becoming a single mother and struggling financially, she started building websites and went on to build a company that became Google’s Apps first North American Premier Partner for Enterprise clients. However, it was her experience with her own son’s reading difficulties that inspired her to start Shoelace Learning.

With a deep passion for education and a commitment to helping all kids reach their full potential, Julia and the team at Shoelace Learning have built a world-class education platform that connects popular video games to personalized learning, with a focus on reading comprehension skills.