Artur Rodrigues

Cloud Innovation Center Tech Lead, AWS

Artur Rodrigues is a Principal Solutions Architect at AWS and the Cloud Innovation Center Tech Lead. In the past 3 years Artur has collaborated with researchers, physicians, and university students developing open source model on projects that help prognosticate COVID-19 on CT scans, performed ultra-rapid discovery of known and unknown viruses to better anticipate and respond to the next pandemic (which resulted in a publication in the scientific journal Nature), reduce patient waiting time by building a solution to automatically prioritize MRI request, and socialize marine biodiversity data for conservation community, NGOs, and other researchers in the AWS OpenData program, among many other innovation projects at the University of British Columbia Cloud Innovation Center (UBC-CIC). As part of a hobby, Artur created a website using AWS Serverless components for his kids’ school that keeps track of parents’ volunteer hours, shared a post and code in how he has been controlling his kid’s internet using the AWS Iot Button and open sourced a Minecraft server dashboard.